Sustainable Development (SGDs)

We develop data-rich sustainable development models and SDG models, in which all aspects of sustainable development are linked, both for cities, countries, and the world at large. These models enable one to simulate plausible futures and test policies under deep uncertainty. 


We develop migration models: models related to the causes of migration, migration dynamics models, as well as models mixing both causes and dynamics. We have made models to simulate world migration, migration within Europe, migration across particular routes, migration within countries (between constituencies/settlements), as well as models to simulate migration due to particular causes (disasters, war, climate change, water quality). We also investigate, model and simulate migration chains, effects of migration (in reception countries, transit countries and countries of origin). 

Humanitarian issues

We develop simulation models to investigate where, when, how much, and in what way humanitarian aid needs to be provided, as well as how camps develop and how risks might affect those in need of humanitarian aid and those providing humanitarian aid. We also develop and geo-spatial mapping and animation techniques which help to visualise data. 


We develop simulation models to investigate (shifts in) geopolitical power and resources that provide (hard, soft and smart) power. Geopolitical power models are closely related to SDG models: they contain many of the same building blocks and data. However, the perspective on what matters and the purpose of these models is totally different.