The Center for Policy Exploration Analysis and Simulation provides:

Insights and understanding to those who are dazzled by complexity, dynamics and uncertainty of the world around them and their own systems. We use systems thinking, modelling and simulation methods, as well as data science approaches to provide understanding of how complex socio-economic-environmental systems work.

Foresight to those facing an uncertain future. We use modelling and simulation under deep uncertainty to generate many plausible futures/scenarios.

Advice about robustness and resilience. We use exploratory modelling and simulation under deep uncertainty to find robust policies/strategies and (stress)test the robustness and resilience of systems and organisations.

Experiences and the means to change both minds and hearts. Without changing hearts (on top of changing minds), change cannot be taken for granted. To change hearts, one needs to feel/experience the need for change. To do so, we use serious gaming, storytelling, and art (starting from science and systems insights).

Structured learning in the form of self-learning materials on Systems Thinking, Modelling and Data Science as well as training and workshops to enable those inside complex systems and organisations to acquire the necessary skills to change these organisations and systems.